For unemployed candidates – Apply for basic pharmacy assistant learnership (Stipend R3000.00)

Post-basic pharmacy assistant learnership

Location: Gauteng

Duration :12 months

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Stipend: R3 000 (for unemployed candidates)


• Registration with the SAPC as a qualified Basic Pharmacist Assistant

• Good communication skills

• Be employed in a government Hospital or be unemployed

To apply email your CV, and qualifications to

19 Nicholls Street , unit 17 Nicholls park , Chamdor, 1754

011 958 5289

What is a learnership?
A learnership is a work primarily based getting to know programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are at once associated to an occupation or area of work, for example, electrical engineering, hairdressing or task management.

Learnerships are managed through Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). They have been brought with the aid of authorities to assist talent beginners and to put together them for the workplace.

Learnership programmes can assist you to obtain the fundamental abilities and place of business ride that will open up higher employment or self employment opportunities.

Learnerships are based totally on legally binding settlement between an employer, a learner and a Training Provider. This settlement is meant to spell out the duties and obligations of the employer, the learner and the Training Provider. It is designed to make sure the fine of the education and to defend the pastimes of every party.

A learnership requires that a learner enter into a constant time period employment contract with the enterprise at the same time as analyzing toward a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), which is in line with the learnership (the value of the qualification falls to the Company). Once the qualification is completed, the learnership will additionally end.

Why are learnerships important?

Learnerships promote get entry to to training and training, as they enable you to work and get commenced on your profession whilst additionally analyzing for an academic qualification.

SETAs oversee learnerships and make certain that they provide skills associated to a particular occupation or area of the economy. All 21 SETAs have developed NQF-aligned programmes that will assist you obtain recognized skills whilst getting on-the-job experience.

SETAs control the registration of learnerships in order to meet the capabilities improvement wishes throughout the sectors.

How do learnerships work?

Learnerships require you to whole a theoretical route as nicely as realistic training, which is achieved at a workplace, in order to graduate. The administrative center issue of the qualification entails hands-on, sensible studying underneath the education of a mentor, whilst the theoretical aspect is furnished through an schooling and education provider. Together they structure an built-in and complete mastering programme.

Top Tip: The quantity of credit wanted to graduate varies from learnership to learnership, so make sur e that you apprehend the minimal necessities if you choose to entire a learnership. Find out from the applicable SETA.

Who is eligible for a learnership?

Learnerships are accessible for younger human beings who have done school, university or studying at different education institutions. You should be older than sixteen and youthful than 35 to be eligible for a learnership.

Unemployed South Africans can solely take part in a learnership if there is an company organized to grant the required work experience.

How to take part in a learnership?

By now you have already put some notion into your profession path, and as a end result you will be capable to perceive a learnership that will help your profession goals.

Your profession course ought to be in fluenced with the aid of your interests, competencies and strengths. The duty rests with you to check out and lookup the one-of-a-kind learnership options. You need to discover out as tons as you can, inclusive of facts on the standards and necessities for coming into a learnership.

What are the entry requirements?

Different learnerships have one-of-a-kind entry requirements. We propose that you contact the issuer of the learnership for full small print on the precise necessities for the learnership of your choice.

For many learnerships, the minimal entry requirement is a National Senior Certificate or National Certificate: Vocational, however there may additionally be greater unique difficulty necessities or even abilities necessities such as laptop literacy.

What are the advantages for learners?

You might also have higher employment possibilities after finishing a learnership;
You have a fixed-term employment contract for the period of the learnership;
Learnerships enhance on the job overall performance so you are in a position to do matters applicable to the job;

You achieve a nationally-recognised qualification that is applicable to the sector; and
You earn a learner allowance for the period of the learnership.
How a great deal does a learnership cost?

Learnerships are usually funded by means of a applicable SETA. Since the fee of learnerships varies throughout SETAs and types/levels of qualifications, you need to contact the applicable SETA for extra information.

Will the learner be paid?

There is a precise minimal learner allowance that have to be paid to unemployed freshmen in a learnership. This is no longer a earnings however covers charges like tour and meals. Again, you ought to contact the applicable SETA for greater information.

Note: The quantity paid as a learner allowance relies upon on the SETA, kind of learnership and the stage of qualification. The allowances and prerequisites are agreed to with every learner earlier than the graduation of the learnership.

How lengthy does it ta ke to entire a learnership?

Learnerships will remaining as lengthy as it takes to entire the qualification. This potential that if the period of the qualification is two years, then the learnership will remaining for that duration of time.

What does a learner get hold of on completion?

During the learnership, rookies will be required to entire assignments, duties and sensible assessments and projects. They will be formally assessed in the lecture room and workplace.

If all these assignments are executed successfully, they will be awarded an NQF-registered qualification, that is regarded nationally. They will obtain a certificates pointing out the qualification and the vicinity of talent development.

What is required to enter into a learnership?

If you are widespread you will want to signal two felony documents:

  1. Learnership Agreement: this is an settlement signed through you, the corporation using you, and the training and issuer presenting the theoretical education issue of the learnership. This settlement definitely outlines the rights and obligations of all three parties.
  2. Employment contract: this is a contract you will signal with the appoint er, which is solely legitimate for the time length of the learnership.

Will I get a job after finishing the learnership?

Employment is now not guaranteed, however as soon as you have effectively achieved your learnership, you will be in a plenty higher function to market your self as you will now have each work trip and theoretical training. You might also additionally be in a higher role to begin your personal commercial enterprise and generate an earnings that way.

Can a learnership be terminated ?

Yes, a learnership can be terminated below positive circumstances:

An organization can terminate the contract of a learnership if:

The period exact in the learnership settlement has expired;
The agency and learner have agreed in writing to terminate the learnership agreement, or if there is no such agreement, the SETA t hat registered the settlement approves the termination; or
The learner is pretty brushed aside for a motive associated to the learner�s habits or ability as an employee.

For greater information, contact the SETA that manages the learnerships in the subject in which you are interested.