The most underrated part of getting a new job.


Here’s why:

People like helping people.

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Not only that, people are usually more influential than the perfect resume.

A good resume is key and extremely important.

But knowing who will see the resume and for what role?

Welp, that’s a biggie.

People are the most important factor in getting a new job.

So, let’s keep helping each other.

May your CV reach the right hands and your application be approved this week!

Dreaming of being the contemporary equal of Don Draper of “Mad Men” fame? Don’t, concludes CareerCast, which lists working in advertising and marketing as one of the nation’s most overrated jobs. Ad executives are regularly overworked, underpaid and can lose their job in a heartbeat if a large customer jumps ship, the job search website concludes.

Instead, job-seekers might also be higher off exploring jobs that have a tendency to fly below the radar. CareerCast defines such work as the type that, whilst frequently overlooked, affords aggressive pay, respectable working prerequisites and a measure of job security. Here are the nation’s 12 most underrated professions, in accordance to the firm.